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Weight Watchers: To Love Yourself

Posted by Rosepixie on June 2, 2010

This is a recent commercial for Weight Watchers featuring Jennifer Hudson (a singer/actress).

I actually really didn’t mind this commercial this much until she said that having lost weight “makes me love myself that much more”.  And that brought me up short.  At first glance, that statement isn’t so bad.  Great, she loves herself more now than she did before.  But if you think about what it’s telling the viewers, and more specifically the target audience of people who might want or need to lose some weight, it’s not such a great statement.  If losing weight is good because it will make you love yourself more, than that means that you aren’t as worthy of your own love until you lose that weight.

And that’s not a good message at all.  Because while I think Weight Watchers does a better job than most of showing healthy body shapes in their ads and not overly encouraging unhealthy body images, they aren’t in a vacuum.  Their sort of unspecific weight loss ads really only work because there’s so much other stuff in our media that tells us what “fat” is and when you need to lose weight (which, sadly, is pretty much all the time if you’re a woman).  And worse, Jennifer Hudson specifically has a lot of teenage fans, so using her as a spokesperson is going to get their attention more than if they had featured someone else.  And teenage girls already have a hard enough time learning that they can love themselves (even beyond concerns about body size or shape or anything).  Is it really a good idea to reinforce to them that they’d be more lovable if they looked different?

While I think that Jennifer Hudson could be a great spokesperson for Weight Watchers, I think that this one line makes this an incredibly irresponsible and potentially dangerous ad.  Even if it’s true for her that she loves herself more, that’s more indicative of the problems we have than something to be celebrated and passed on to other people.  It’s absolutely something worth talking about – but a thirty second ad spot isn’t long enough to do that in, nor is discussing such an issue the focus of an advertisement like this.  I think this is a pretty horrible ad and wish I could expect better from Weight Watchers.


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Nestea: Fun with Photoshop!

Posted by Rosepixie on January 16, 2010

This is an ad for Nestea Red Tea that was found in a men’s magazine.

The text reads:

Thanks to 50 calorie Nestea Red Tea the only difference between me and Michelangelo’s David is that he’s made of marble and my name is Steve.

Is anybody else a little creeped out by the photoshopping in this ad?  It’s bad enough that I have to assume they intended it to be really, really obvious, but still…  This doesn’t make me think their product will help people achieve such bodies.  It makes me think their product will help people believe their own weird delusions.

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Vintage Friday: Modern Corsetry

Posted by Rosepixie on September 25, 2009

This is an ad for corsets from a 1934 catalog by National (a mail-order company).

Corsets 1

(click on the image for full size)

The text reads:

Silhouettes are made… not born

That is the Marvel of Modern Corsetry!

You will have lovely curves youthful bust If You Wear This Foundation!

Gently Molds the Figure to a Sleek… Graceful Smoothness  $1.98

Fits figures with hips 3 to 6 inches larger than bust.

Whether you’re just a “wisp of a thing” or need rigid control, this garment is an excellent foundation for the 1934 fashions.  Concealed boning over the diaphragm gives you a nice flat “tummy”; elastic inserts at the sides mold your hips and thighs… and a special insert at the bottom takes up the strain when you bend.  Rayon-figured Cotton Poplin with Rayon-and-cotton Jersey bust section.  Wonderful for only $1.98

Tearose or Pink.  Sizes: 32 to 44 bust.  Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 2 oz. $1.98

Skinlike Lastex Foundation

You never felt such freedom

You’ll look pounds slimmer

So comfortable you’ll never know it’s on!  $1.98

Not even the tiniest bulge will show after you have put it on!

Fits figures with hips 3 to 6 inches larger than bust.

“Skinlike” takes every little wayward bulge and puts it firmly in place.  “Skinlike” moulds to your figure into a smooth, unbroken line, straight hips, small waist – and mind you, there’s not a bone in it.  Two-way stretch Lastex right to the bust-line “does the trick”, and above that it’s softest mesh and definitely shaped to give you bosom that new uplift look.  For that slim, supple, youthful look, wear “Skinlike.”

Colors: Tearose or Pink.  Sizes: 30 to 38 bust.  Shipping weight, 10 oz.  $1.98




Won’t bulge

Won’t ride up

Lastex foundation

The Smart 1934 Contour… from the uplifted bust to the flowing back line… $1.98

Fits figures with 3 to 6 inches larger than bust.

Rayon-Brocaded Poplin front with the new pointed bust.  Two-way stretch Lastex back to assure smooth hips and thighs and a nice flat seat.  It’s backless for evening frocks.  It’s boneless, yet it gives all the necessary support to the figure, and is absolutely guaranteed not to “ride up.”  Shoulder straps are elastic.

Tearose or Pink.  Sizes: 30 to 38 bust.  Shipping weight, 10 oz. $1.98

This ad just made me laugh with all of it’s assurances that the corsets are super comfortable, but also capable of totally reshaping your body and making you appear magically thinner!  I’m sorry, but corsets don’t work that way.  Not that they can’t be comfortable, because they totally can, but if it’s really a corset, you absolutely know that you’re wearing it.  Anyway, I thought it was interesting.  I have a few more corset ads (and a bunch of ads for other stuff) from the same year that I’ll post in later weeks that are also interesting for other reasons.

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