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Trojan 2Go: Pride and Prejudice

Posted by Rosepixie on May 15, 2010

This is an ad from last year for Trojan 2Go condoms that takes it’s inspiration from, of all places, Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

This ad is interesting.  It’s very different in tone from pretty much every other Trojan ad I’ve ever seen.  It’s slow and, while still full of innuendos and physical comedy, a lot more subtle than Trojan commercials usually are.

At first I wondered about the inspiration here – this is a book mostly beloved by women being used as a clear reference but without being cited in an ad that appears to be aimed at men.  After watching it again and considering it, however, I think perhaps the inspiration is well chosen.  This is a story often cited as one of the most romantic of all time (I’m not endorsing or disputing that point of view, by the way, just stating that it is often stated to be such).  It’s more familiar now that perhaps ever before with all of the recent publicity around the movies, Colin Firth’s portrayal of Mr. Darcy, the numerous sequels and basically the mini-industry that has grown out of Jane Austen fandom.  And even though many of her characters have terrible manners, Austen’s stories and the feel of the society they center around is often a shorthand for romantic, polite society.  Since romance and manners are the focus of the selling point in this ad, it’s a logical choice to use Austen’s most famous story as a backdrop.

And I think they handle the odd juxtaposition of condoms and Pride and Prejudice pretty well.  It’s not completely seamless, but that’s almost the point.  Personally, I think it works well.  This is actually one of the most interesting and possibly effective ads I’ve seen from Trojan.


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