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L’Oreal True Match: Get Your Airbrushed Finish

Posted by Rosepixie on June 23, 2010

This is a banner ad I came across online for L’Oreal True Match foundation.

The text reads:

L’Oreal Paris

New True Match Roller – Perfecting roll-on makeup

Get your airbrushed finish

Two things bother me about this ad.  First is that the makeup roller looks an awful lot like a paint roller and I don’t want to feel like I’m rolling paint onto my face.  That gets into the “what’s wrong with my face that you think I need so much makeup?” territory.

The second thing that bothers me about this ad is the last line about getting an airbrushed finish.  We all know that the images we see of models all around us are airbrushed, but somehow actually coming out and suggesting that we should all look airbrushed in real life has a very creepy vibe to it.  I don’t want to look airbrushed – I want to look human.  And I know I’m not alone on that one.

So this ad, even with so few words and a single image, managed to give me a lot of creepy, negative impressions.  This is not a great thing for an ad to do.  So, while I think this ad might work for some people, I’m not sure it was a great choice because I think it might turn off as many people as it attracts.


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CoverGirl: Cool Tools

Posted by Rosepixie on April 21, 2010

This is a recent ad for CoverGirl makeup starring Drew Barrymore.

I’m pretty sure this ad is trying to say that CoverGirl makeup is inexpensive but doesn’t look like it, and thus is a good deal while the economy is bad.  Because even if you’re having to cut back on your expenses, makeup clearly isn’t something to skimp on.  The problem is that it’s not very clear about that and the incredibly 1980s-ish outfit just made me laugh.

I also felt like the marketing people behind this ad were trying to sound hip with phrases like “cool tools” and “lash blast”, but they don’t actually sound that hip.  They sound kind of silly, actually, which doesn’t really go with the “expensive makeup line that doesn’t cost a lot” message.  It sort of goes with a makeup line that’s cheap, which I’m pretty sure isn’t what they want viewers to take away from the ad.

So I think this ad really didn’t work.  The marketing people are likely right about makeup being something people spend less on when the economy isn’t so good, but I’m not sure that this was the right way to respond.  What do you think?

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CoverGirl: Good for Every Skin Tone (Except Dark Ones)

Posted by Rosepixie on November 11, 2009

This is an ad for CoverGirl TRUblend, a concealer/liquid foundation, that was found in a fashion magazine:

CoverGirl TRUblend

The text reads:

CoverGirl: easy breezy beautiful CoverGirl

There’s no such thing as too Close

CoverGirl TRUblend

Advanced coverage so much like your own skin – it’s virtually undetectable – no matter how close you zoom in.  Why?  It contains color spheres that are attracted to skin, so they don’t just sit on top like other makeup.  They spread out evenly and blend in seamlessly.  See the difference up close at [url].

Drew is close-up perfect in TRUblend Natural Ivory.

So what first struck me about this ad was that line of shade dots next to the bottle.  Notice anything about them?  Like maybe how they’re pretty much all shades of white skin tones?  Actually, there’s only six different shades of this makeup.  I have no idea why they put so many dots in the ad (to make it seem like they were more personalized to skin tones, I suppose), but the website reveals that there are exactly six shades in the TRU line of makeup.  The darkest, “sable”, is that last dot on the bottom in the ad.  It’s an incredibly light brown shade.  I’ve met several Indian women with skin that tone and one or two black women, but most of the black women I’ve met have darker skin than that.

This ad (and, it seems, this makeup line) just makes so many assumptions about the viewer being white that it’s painful.  “So much like your own skin” doesn’t work with this very light makeup line for many Latinas, black women, Native American women and probably a fair number of women of other backgrounds with darker skin tones too.  But they read fashion magazines and wear makeup too.

Maybe I don’t get it because I really don’t wear makeup, but this ad is clearly suggesting you’re supposed to wear a foundation of your skin tone or something really similar (which jives with the little makeup knowledge I’ve got), but it also suggests that your tone will obviously fall within the very limited range they make, which obviously isn’t true for many women.  I’ve found this problem with lots of makeup ads, leading me to believe that perhaps lack of darker shades is a rampant problem in the makeup market.  So, where do women with darker skin buy makeup?  What brands carry darker shades?  Because it doesn’t seem that whatever brands they could have to buy are advertising… well… anywhere I’m seeing ads.  And now I really want to know!  So please fill me in!

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