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Save the Murlocs: Fake PSAs Can Be the Most Fun

Posted by Rosepixie on November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!  I thought that a public service announcement about something warm and fuzzy would be appropriate for Thanksgiving, but sadly, I only had one in my pile of ads and it’s not even a real PSA!  But it is funny, so I decided that maybe it was a good thing to post for a holiday anyway.

This is an ad for the Save the Murlocs Foundation, which is fictional (since murlocs aren’t real except in World of Warcraft) and was created by Jinx, a clothing retailer.  There are products (including a cute stuffed murloc) and a foundation website that tie in with the campaign.

Well, I don’t like killing murlocs anyway (they’re such drama queens!), but that certainly convinced me that they would take over Azeroth if their numbers weren’t kept down by all the very self-less adventurers who take time out of their busy lives to cull the massive hordes of murlocs that swarm the shores of nearly every beach known to humans, trolls, dwarves, tauren and everyone else!


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