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Vintage Friday: Holy Discontent, Batman!

Posted by Rosepixie on September 18, 2009

This is an ad featuring the cast of the live-action Batman show from the 1960s and is advocating fair pay for women as per the federal equal pay law.

This ad is awesome.  It uses the tropes of the show (Batman and Robin have been captured and are in deadly peril – as they were in every single episode) to actually create a story.  Batgirl makes her point articulately and Robin whines about how it’s stupid, both representing major arguments of the time.  Batman listens like he cares, but kind of dismisses Batgirl’s demands for fair treatment by trying to turn the focus back to his own concerns, the bomb and his captivity, thus representing another major tact taken in discussions of the issue.  The point is made well and the slant of the ad is very evident, but it’s done in a fun way and it’s clear that the writers have listened to discussions of the issue before.  So not only is this a fun little movie on it’s own, it’s actually a really good ad.  And it has Batgirl, so bonus points for that!


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