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Pathfinder: Double Meaning

Posted by Rosepixie on March 13, 2010

This is an ad for Pathfinder, a charitable organization that works to improve women’s access to birth control around the world.

What I find particularly interesting about this ad is the two ways that the image can be read.  Obviously, it is a woman’s hand with fingers crossed.  The obvious meaning is that she’s hoping for something (in this case, presumably that she won’t get pregnant).  The second way it could be seen however is that she’s evoking crossed legs – the way young girls are often taught to stay virginal, regardless of how practical the advice actually is.

Truthfully, the crossed-legs method is probably a more reliable method of birth control than the crossed fingers, but for many women it’s not as achievable.  Pathfinder is suggesting that those women need better options.

I actually think that this image works really well for the message they are trying to convey.  This is one of those issues where a print ad isn’t going to convince the people who aren’t already convinced, so you really just need an evocative ad to catch the attention of the people who are and encourage them to take action.  This is an evocative ad and has a good chance of doing that, so I think it works.


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Yaz: Confusing the Issue

Posted by Rosepixie on January 17, 2010

These are commercials for Yaz, a birth control pill, and all were found on YouTube after I’d been told about them.

This is the one that I’ve seen most often and is really the most random.

This is another common one, although is likely the one to have caused the issues for them later.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a version that hasn’t had immature comments written over the top.  If anyone has a link to one, please let me know.

The FDA noticed that their ads were… not so full of useful information and maybe a little misleading and ordered the company to try again.  They produced this ad with the “doctor” from the previous one to “clear up” any misunderstandings they may have caused by their previous ads.

I’m not absolutely positive where this ad falls in the sequence, but my guess is that it was made after the FDA made them change their ads.  It is basically the second ad with new voice-overs (not very well dubbed over) and makes even less sense, given the setting.

So… by the end of this… I’m less certain of what this pill promises to do than I was at the beginning.  And the fact that they said some things that don’t quite match what I’ve learned about PMDD from actual medical resources doesn’t reassure me any.

And why do birth control pills always show women living glamorous Sex in the City like lives without any hint of, you know, SEX?  Wouldn’t at least a relationship be a logical thing to show here?  Maybe a girl discussing it with her SO?  Why is it always girlfriends and why is the major selling point that it makes your periods regular?  It’s birth control.  Most women take birth control to not get pregnant.  While regulating periods is a real concern for some women and some do take the pill only for that reason, oral birth control is far from a side-effect-free drug and most women take it because it’s extremely effective BIRTH CONTROL and consider the cycle regulation a nice side effect.

But clearly I just don’t get it.

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