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Vintage Friday: Libbyland Dinners

Posted by Rosepixie on June 4, 2010

These are two commercials from the 1970s for Libbyland dinners (TV dinners for kids).

I think it’s cute that they sort of tell a very short story in each commercial featuring recurring characters.  I also like how they mix genres with the pirate ship, the cowboy, and the Snidely Whiplash look-alike villain.

What made me sort of raise my eyebrows at these commercials was “Libby the Kid (that’s Billy the Kid spelled sideways)”.  This would work if Libby wasn’t actually a real name, but it is.  The only thing I can figure here is that for some reason they didn’t want their hero being female.  Maybe they bought into the entirely stupid notion that male characters appeal to everyone while female characters only appeal to girls, or maybe it was even worse and they just couldn’t conceive of a female hero saving the day.  Regardless, the excuse that “Libby the Kid” is a “Billy the Kid” with his name spelled sideways comes off as pretty flimsy if you ask me.


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Duluth Trading Company: Pants vs. Animals

Posted by Rosepixie on May 11, 2010

These are a few commercials from a recent campaign Duluth Trading Company has run for it’s clothing.

These ads are incredibly light on information and don’t even really illustrate the product that well, since they are line drawings, but they are funny and highly memorable.  I’d have to say they’re pretty effective too, since I’d rather the pants that allow for greater flexibility than the pants that got the guy kicked in the head, wouldn’t you?

I haven’t got a lot else to say about these ads.  They present a nicely consistent campaign and do a pretty good job of getting a not-terribly memorable product name into your head.  I think they were actually probably a good choice on the part of the company, even if they aren’t terribly informative commercials.

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Organic Liaison: Magic Shrinking Potion

Posted by Rosepixie on May 5, 2010

This is an animated advertisement featuring Kirstie Alley, a businessman and a fireman (don’t ask me) for a weight loss program called Organic Liaison.

I find this commercial to be incredibly weird.  First of all, when I first saw the commercial I assumed it was selling some kind of pink weight-loss drink, not an actual program with all the bells and whistles that weight loss programs generally come with – but it’s for a program, not a drink.

Beyond that, I thought that the “thin” version of Alley looked incredibly freakish.  Her clothing appears to be falling off and her limbs look like they could break any minute.  And she’s animated – she didn’t have to look frail.  Yet I honestly think that the “fat” version of Kirstie Alley in this commercial is considerably more attractive than the “thin” version.  She’s got nice curves, her clothes flatter her, she’s big, but not crazy-unhealthy-all-over-the-place fat.  And her face isn’t pointy.  She looks good.

I’m not sure what’s with the businessman and the fireman, but I assume they are supposed to somehow suggest that this program is for anyone, not just famous people like Alley.  I found the static people on the stairs behind them to be odd (especially the little old woman holding yet another bottle of the magic pink drink).

So what is with the pink drink?  No idea.  None of the products in the program look like that pink juice bottle.  Nor does the program seem to involve lots and lots of chugging magic potions.  It does involve a bunch of products that sound an awful lot like magic potions and have not been evaluated by the FDA, so I have no idea how effective they actually are (probably about as effective as most weight loss programs – as effective as the effort you put into them makes them).

This all means that I don’t think that this ad is actually very good.  It doesn’t show what it’s selling in any way that makes sense, it suggests magic and totally unrealistic results and the animation actually shows us an attractive woman becoming a scary, pointy lady who reminded me of a someone who kind of reminded me of a witch with her pointy chin and scary stick limbs.  This is not a good way to sell something.  And worse, it reinforces the idea that women should be the kind of unhealthy thin that you can really only achieve through eating disorders like anorexia.  Not a good message.

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JetBlue: Now without Seat Monsters

Posted by Rosepixie on April 15, 2010

This is an animated commercial for JetBlue Airlines.

I don’t find this commercial’s claims about how much space you get in a JetBlue seat remotely believable because I’ve never seen any airplane were a tall, lanky guy got enough space so that if he wanted to stretch his legs out straight ahead of him he would be able to without kicking the seat in front of him.  Still, the seat monster from the other airline is funny and, given how much some of my taller friends dread airplanes, actually doesn’t feel that impossible.

I did find myself wondering if the seat monster that kidnapped the guy in the commercial was nice enough to grab his bags along with his laptop.

The ad is cute and definitely makes their point well, even if it isn’t completely believable as presented.  Since the seat monster seems to be working for JetBlue, however, I have to wonder how trustworthy they really are.  Would you fly with an airline that’s willing to send a seat monster to kidnap passengers from other airlines?  I’m not sure I would.  It’s a good thing seat monsters don’t really exist.  Or maybe they do and I’m just not on their list of people to gobble up, since I usually have enough space in airline seats.

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Charmin Ultra Strong

Posted by Rosepixie on December 1, 2009

This commercial was submitted by a friend of mine and is for Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper.

No.  Just, no.  Seriously, what mom includes “bottom” on her list of body parts to inspect along with “paws” (hands) and “teeth”?  It’s just weird.  And more than a little creepy.

And if the best selling point you have for your toilet paper is that it doesn’t leave little bits behind on people’s butts when they use it, maybe you need to rethink it (or at least your marketing of it).

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Vintage Friday: Colgate with Mighty Mouse!

Posted by Rosepixie on October 30, 2009

This is an old ad for Colgate toothpaste starring Mighty Mouse!

This ad made me laugh so much!  It’s a bunch of cartoon mice jumping around on an aerosol toothpaste dispenser.  It doesn’t do much for explaining why you should brush your teeth, but it does make it look fun!  I guess that was a logical approach, seeing as this seems to have been aired during Mighty Mouse cartoons.  Still, it’s a pretty entertaining way to try and sell toothpaste!

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Movie Monday: The Princess and the Frog

Posted by Rosepixie on October 19, 2009

This is a trailer for Disney’s upcoming animated movie “The Princess and the Frog.”

I like how the movie is connected to Disney history at the beginning and I even like the technique of having the characters literally drawn and then brought to life.  What I find odd is that while they mention their 75 year history, all the movies they show were made in my lifetime.  In the last twenty years, actually (the earliest, Beauty and the Beast, is from 1991).  Why didn’t they use Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?  You know, to really highlight that long history?

So, the story looks cute.  It’s a new take on the classic Frog Prince story.  It’s clear that Disney has decided to do away with many of the elements from the fairy tale that might be problematic for a modern audience – the bratty princess who is rewarded in the end, the lack of real explanation for the prince’s plight, and the overbearing parents.  What isn’t clear is what turning the princess into a frog adds to the story.  But hopefully, that’s what the movie will explain.  This is the best trailer I’ve seen for this movie by far because it does give us enough information to make the movie look interesting, but doesn’t give it all away.  It also refrains from the contradicting messages that fill some of the other trailers (like the line about how it doesn’t matter what you look like in the middle of the trailer about how they’re trying to not be ugly little frogs anymore).

I have no idea if this movie is actually going to be any good, but this particular piece of marketing got me excited about it while most of the rest has made me dubious about it.  This trailer, although it’s not the one you usually see, is well worth highlighting in my opinion.  It’s well put together and actually gets me excited about this movie!

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