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Raisin Brahms: Art and Humor

Posted by Rosepixie on November 10, 2009

This is a PSA for the arts that I saw on Hulu.

When this commercial came on, my husband and I just kind of watched in bafflement.  Obviously “Raisin Brahms” wasn’t a real product, but what was it really an ad for?  And then the “Americans for the Arts” splash came up at the end and we smiled.  The thing is, mostly we were smiling because the commercial had been so entertaining and memorable and I think we would have been entertained by it even if it hadn’t been a PSA for something we supported.

What I love about this PSA is that it’s humorous.  Most public service announcements take themselves very seriously, and as a result, often elicit groans when they come on, even when they are for topics people take seriously.  That’s not to say that there aren’t great serious PSAs, though, because there are.  It’s just refreshing to find one that’s different!

So, while this ad had me scratching my head for most of it, I think it worked.  I stuck around wanting to know what the ad was for rather than getting up to get a drink or something and I enjoyed the humor.  It’s a memorable ad and what it’s for is part of why it’s memorable – arts and breakfast cereal is an unusual pairing!


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