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Vintage Friday: Oil of Olay

Posted by Rosepixie on June 18, 2010

This is an ad from 1979 for Oil of Olay facial cream.

Well, at least we know from this commercial that looking young and products that make impossible and fuzzy promises about helping you do so has been around for at least the past several decades.  Which makes me sad.

When the guy shows up in this ad it suddenly reminded me very much of watching a cheesy soap opera.  I’m not sure if it was because of the corny line, the over-the-top poses or the dripping-with-fake-emotion voice.  Still, the comparison made me laugh.


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Vintage Friday: Star Wars PSAs

Posted by Rosepixie on March 26, 2010

These are two public service announcements by the cast of the Star Wars movies.  I know the second one is from 1979 and I’m guessing that the first one is from around the same time.

The Droids tell us why not to smoke:

We learn that in the Star Wars galaxy, friends don’t let friends drink and drive:

I think that the first ad is far more effective than the second, since it does more than just give us a slogan, but they both made me laugh.  How does a droid smoke anyway?  And aren’t they piloting or flying, not driving?  Regardless, I think these are pretty good uses of the Star Wars IP.  I especially like the little postscript at the end of the first ad where C3pO is wondering if he has a heart.  It was sweet and very in character (it also reminded me of the Tin Woodman of Oz, which made me smile).

What do you think of these ads?  Would they make you decide not to smoke or drive drunk?  Would you at least remember them?

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Vintage Friday: Delta Stewardesses

Posted by Rosepixie on March 19, 2010

Have you ever wanted to be an airline flight attendant?  Well, in 1970 Delta went advertising for stewardesses with this magazine ad.

Sounds like a personal ad for a cute co-ed, doesn’t it?  And you couldn’t really list these as requirements today, even if you were looking for them.  Still, it’s a great window into what Delta expected their stewardesses to be back in 1970, isn’t it?  I wonder where the “1 in 25” figure comes from?

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Vintage Friday: ICI Fibres

Posted by Rosepixie on February 12, 2010

This is a commercial from the 1970s for ICI Fibres men’s fashions.

This commercial makes me laugh.  It’s so trippy!  I feel like I’m watching an ad executive’s idea of a Dali painting!  The problem is that it really doesn’t do that much to get me interested in the actual clothes.  Mostly I enjoyed watching it as a weird art film.  I appreciate that it tries to show how easy it is to move in the clothing when the voice over is talking about that, but I couldn’t help but notice that when the voice is gushing about how many great colors the shirts come in, we’re seeing pretty boring, muted colors on the screen.  So while I think this was a fun idea and certainly an amusing ad to watch, I have to wonder how effective it actually was at selling clothing.

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