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Comment Policy

I welcome and encourage comments and discussion on any post on this blog.  To ensure that the discussion stays cordial and on topic, I have created a comment policy.

Please be aware that everyone’s first comment on this blog is moderated.  If you’ve never commented before and it takes a little time for your comment to appear on the site, don’t worry.  I do my best to get to every comment as quickly as possible, so please don’t resubmit it.  I will delete all duplicate comments.

I appreciate that well chosen links can add a lot of value to the discussion, so you are encouraged to include helpful and relevant links in your comments.  Be aware, however, that I do check links left in comments and will delete any that are inappropriate, broken or extraneous.  You are free to include the URL of your website in the appropriate box when leaving your comment, which will turn your name into a hyperlink to your site, but please do not promote outside sites or products within your comments unless doing so is unarguably relevant and could add something to the discussion.

When leaving a comment, please leave some kind of a name or handle in the “name” box.  Do not put the name of your website there, since that is the surest way to guarantee that I will delete your comment.  Your name can link to the website you choose and if you desire you can sign your comment at the end and include the name of your website there.

Please do not sign comments with signatures longer than three lines and do not include links in signatures.

In general, I do not edit comments.  If you make a typo, it will be left in.  I may, however, choose to remove links that I don’t feel are appropriate.  In rare cases I may choose to make other very minor edits, but I will never change the meaning or intent of a comment.

Comment spam will be deleted. Please do not leave comment spam.  It’s a bad idea and if it starts to become a bigger problem, I may decide to be more aggresive about it.  At the moment, I’m taking note of the IP addresses where comment spam originates and deleting the comments.  Please read posts before commenting on them as it is likely to reduce the instances of your comment being marked as spam.

Your comment belongs to you.  It is your words and your opinions.  By posting it here, you are giving me permission to use it, but I will never take credit for it even if I decide to quote it at some point.

I welcome disagreement and discussion.  The posts on this blog are my personal reactions to various ads and I find that I often see things in new or different ways when people make insightful comments.  Please feel free to join in the discussion any time you like!

Thank you.

Oh, and it is possible this policy may be changed or updated from time to time.  It’s not set in stone and as this blog evolves and I learn more, I’m sure it will change.  If you have any suggestions about it, please feel free to let me know!


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