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Southlake, TX: Dachshund Racing and Barnes and Noble

Posted by Rosepixie on June 24, 2010

Today I have a commercial advertising the attractions of the city of Southlake, TX that I believe was made for the city’s marketing website.

Do you know what I took away from this video?  That this city is weird and that they didn’t have enough footage.  I swear that same shot of the little kid marveling at the fountain was in there multiple times.  And it’s not even that great a shot (he’s cute, but what does it tell me about Southlake, really?).

I do have to admit, there’s a part of me that really wants to know why there are dachshund races being held.  I mean, if you’ve ever met a real, live dachshund you know that their legs are very short (like, less than six inches high for a dog that’s typically about a foot and a half long not counting the tail).  That’s not really a dog built for racing.  They’re cute, but not speedsters.  And why do they each need their own fenced in lane?  Where there fights breaking out between the racers?  That doesn’t really seem dachshund like either.  Most of the ones I know will stand back and bark at you forever if they feel threatened, but if you get to close, they just back away and keep barking – actual contact is pretty much avoided.

Besides the strange dog races, I’m not quite sure what’s in Southlake that’s worth going there for.  There are apparently hotels, which I guess is good, since I’d need some place to sleep, but they didn’t show any especially remarkable hotels.  Beyond that, they showed a lot of retail stores that are basically everywhere else too.  I mean, yeah, that was a nice looking Barnes and Noble, but there’s one of those in pretty much every decent sized town or city at this point and they’re all pretty much the same.  That’s how chains work.  Yeah, the employees can make a big difference in how a particular store is stocked or set up, but fundamentally the same displays appear in every store and the same large quantities of boring bestsellers appear in every store.  So how is that a tourist draw?

Basically, I’m not sure how this video was really supposed to entice me to visit this place.  Maybe find out when those races take place and stop by if I’m already in the area, but that’s about it.  If they have better enticements for tourists, they need to show them, because chain stores, boring hotels and unspecified events isn’t really that exciting.


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