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Levi’s Friends Store: Find Out What Your Friends Wear

Posted by Rosepixie on June 15, 2010

Facebook has opened up all sorts of marketing opportunities for companies and many are taking advantage of these opportunities.  Some are finding creative ways of incorporating Facebook’s tools and capabilities into their marketing while others are just trying to make the best of the tools as they are presented.  One company that has incorporated Facebook’s “like” button into their own website in a rather intense way is Levi’s.  They’ve set up two special Facebook stores – one an “Everyone” section in the “Friends Store” store (apparently everyone is your friend, they’re just friends you don’t know):

This part of the store shows you everything anyone has recently “liked” from their catalog (apparently they’ve put “like” buttons on everything).  This is, apparently, where to look to simply find out what the most popular styles are in general, since it’s probably going to show you entirely the opinions of a bunch of strangers.  And if you “like” something from Levi’s, it’s where your opinion will be shown to a bunch of strangers.

But if you want to know what just your friends like, you can click on the “Friends” part of the “Friends Store”:

So, I didn’t log in to find out if my friends had any opinions about Levi’s (although I’m doubting that they did, since my friends aren’t really the type to go through an online catalog and “like” the styles they like).  Presumably, though, this is the page where I get to see what I should be wearing to be more like, or more likable, by my friends.

If you doubt my interpretation that this is marketing that’s trying to get people to all dress the same as their friends, check out the marketing for the marketing campaign:

The text reads:

Like-minded shopping starts here.

Because they don’t want you to be thinking about dressing individually, they want you dressing in their most popular style and then peer pressuring your friends into all dressing in it too.  Which is incredibly creepy.

And this is part of why I don’t like the idea of Facebook knowing everything I buy online.  I don’t want companies using what I buy to try and pressure my friends into buying it too.  I think that my life is more interesting because my friends aren’t me.  I know me.  I am me.  I already have a me in my life.  Why would I want more mes?  That would be colossally boring!  My friends are each their own person with their own likes, dislikes and styles and I like it that way.

So, Levi’s, I get what you’re doing with this campaign, but clones are boring.  Besides, doesn’t this completely conflict with their whole individuality message from the “Go Forth” campaign?


2 Responses to “Levi’s Friends Store: Find Out What Your Friends Wear”

  1. Levi’s Jeans: clothing for robots?

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