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Vintage Friday: Ride-Sharing with Hitler

Posted by Rosepixie on June 11, 2010

This is a poster advocating ride-sharing from World War II.

The text reads:

When you ride alone, you ride with Hitler!

Join a car-sharing club today!

Is it just me, or does this poster seem a bit… overdramatic?  I mean, it was definitely a worthwhile thing to get people to think about and do during the war, but doesn’t the phantom Hitler seem a bit much?  It just seems like the issue could have been portrayed seriously, simply and memorably in a more positive (maybe less scary) way.  Maybe showing that car-sharing helps keep troops fighting or something.

And is it just me, or does Hitler look kind of upset?  When I first saw this poster I thought he was crying, but now I don’t think he is, I think he just looks very upset.  If the guy driving the car by himself is helping Hitler, shouldn’t Hitler be happy about that?  The driver, on the other hand, looks pretty content… despite the phantom Hitler riding shotgun.  I’m not sure the artist of this poster really understood the concept here…


One Response to “Vintage Friday: Ride-Sharing with Hitler”

  1. Eva said

    Hitler is so tired of sharing that guy’s car. That guy is constantly tailgating and speeding and shit. Oh god, when will he join a car-sharing club so Hitler can just stay home in peace?!? 😛

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