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Haagen Dazs Help the Honey Bees: Disappearing Dancers

Posted by Rosepixie on June 8, 2010

This is an ad from a campaign by Haagen Dazs (the ice cream makers) to raise awareness of disappearing honey bee populations and encourage people to donate to research programs aimed at understanding what’s going on and reversing it.

I think that this is an interesting ad.  It’s part of an advocacy campaign, but spends almost no time explaining its cause.  At the end of the ad it tells us that honey bees are disappearing and asks us to help, but it doesn’t tell us anything about why this is an important issue or how we can help.  It’s clearly trying to get people’s attention and trying to be cool, but is it succeeding?  After seeing this ad do you remember the cause or do you remember people dancing around dressed as honey bees?  I’m guessing more people remember the dancers than remember the  cause.

So does this kind of ad help?  Well, it probably doesn’t hurt, but I’m not sure that’s actually helpful.  It clearly cost a fair amount of money to make this ad (it uses a good number of real actors/dancers, bee costumes, a set, etc.).  That isn’t to say the money was wasted or that another ad wouldn’t have cost just as much, but if you spend a certain amount on an ad that only manages to attract a small amount of donations (which is the only way the website suggests people can help), I have to wonder if it was worth it.  Is there another ad they could have made that would have been more effective?  Possibly.  I doubt it’s easy to get people to understand it importance and urgency of this cause.  Until it effects them, may people are likely to consider it just another campaign to protect animals.  And a lot of people don’t like bees and may not realize there are different kinds.

So I appreciate that this has to be a hard campaign to advertise for.  I’m just not sure I agree that this ad is the best approach.


One Response to “Haagen Dazs Help the Honey Bees: Disappearing Dancers”

  1. Eva said

    Aren’t nearly all bees female? I mean not that most of them are fertile, but this sausage-fest seems inappropriate.

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