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eBay: Because Electronics Don’t Change That Fast

Posted by Rosepixie on June 5, 2010

These are two recent magazine ads for eBay.

The text reads:

This season’s shows still look great on last season’s HD TV.

Last year’s music player at half price still plays this year’s music at full volume.

I think this is a great marketing tactic for eBay.  It’s hard to advertise a changing selection of used stuff, but they’ve managed here to point out that the products they feature regularly are still great and usually considerably cheaper than new versions.  And while many people love having the next great thing, realistically how often do most of us update our television sets?  Not yearly, anyway.  Because the ad is right – the newest shows are going to look just as good on an HD TV from last year as one from this year unless you’re buying a cutting edge TV, which most of us aren’t.

This is a nice, simple campaign that can be carried through any number of products and themes to illustrate the breadth of eBay’s selections and to tailor the ads to whatever venue they are being featured in.  It matches the service well and is memorable.  It does exactly what it’s supposed to do and it does it well.


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