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Vintage Friday: Libbyland Dinners

Posted by Rosepixie on June 4, 2010

These are two commercials from the 1970s for Libbyland dinners (TV dinners for kids).

I think it’s cute that they sort of tell a very short story in each commercial featuring recurring characters.  I also like how they mix genres with the pirate ship, the cowboy, and the Snidely Whiplash look-alike villain.

What made me sort of raise my eyebrows at these commercials was “Libby the Kid (that’s Billy the Kid spelled sideways)”.  This would work if Libby wasn’t actually a real name, but it is.  The only thing I can figure here is that for some reason they didn’t want their hero being female.  Maybe they bought into the entirely stupid notion that male characters appeal to everyone while female characters only appeal to girls, or maybe it was even worse and they just couldn’t conceive of a female hero saving the day.  Regardless, the excuse that “Libby the Kid” is a “Billy the Kid” with his name spelled sideways comes off as pretty flimsy if you ask me.


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