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Nokia: Building a Green Brand

Posted by Rosepixie on May 25, 2010

This is a commercial focused on Nokia as a brand, rather than one specific product of theirs, and stresses the company’s efforts to be environmentally responsible.

This commercial visually used a lot of the “green” shorthands – crumpled up paper, a hand-drawn appearance, leaves everywhere, and (of course) the color green.  That said, it’s fairly well designed from a visual standpoint.

The flow is pretty good too – it takes you through the process of designing, building, packaging and shipping products, stressing the environmental focus at each step.  It’s problem is that this takes a long time and gets a little bit boring at points.  But overall, the visuals keep things moving pretty well.

In terms of branding, I think this does a pretty good job.  Am I convinced that Nokia phones are super awesome for the environment?  Not really.  They’re still phones.  But I am likely to remember this and it might be the thing that tips my decision in Nokia’s favor when I’m next debating between two phones from different companies.


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