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Wisconsin Homes: Local Humor

Posted by Rosepixie on May 20, 2010

This is another ad where location matters.  I can’t actually tell you where this billboard was, but I could make a good guess.  The website on the billboard is no longer active (or wasn’t when I checked anyway) and I know this billboard dates back to at least 2006, so it’s highly unlikely that it’s still there.  Still, it’s worth pointing out as a great example of a local ad.

The text reads:

Another way to enjoy Minnesota is to move to Wisconsin.

This is one of those ads that I’m guessing isn’t funny, and might not even make that much sense, if you haven’t lived in Wisconsin (or possibly Minnesota).  But as someone who has lived there, I promise, it’s funny.  It’s the kind of funny that doesn’t work when you try to explain it, though.

I’m not sure that this ad would really work to get a lot of people to move *to* Wisconsin, but it almost certainly worked as far as being memorable to people from Wisconsin and Minnesota and the website is pretty easy to remember.  Since the company was likely as happy to sell homes to people moving from one place in Wisconsin to another, that probably was all they needed it to do.

Still, local humor like this has it’s limitations.  Clearly it’s got a very limited audience (depending on where this billboard stood, that may have been less of an issue for them).  It can also run the risk of alienating potential customers.  If people don’t understand your ads, they are more likely to think your company isn’t for them.  But it has enormous potential to show locals that you’re local too and that they should trust and support you.

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