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Organic Liaison: Magic Shrinking Potion

Posted by Rosepixie on May 5, 2010

This is an animated advertisement featuring Kirstie Alley, a businessman and a fireman (don’t ask me) for a weight loss program called Organic Liaison.

I find this commercial to be incredibly weird.  First of all, when I first saw the commercial I assumed it was selling some kind of pink weight-loss drink, not an actual program with all the bells and whistles that weight loss programs generally come with – but it’s for a program, not a drink.

Beyond that, I thought that the “thin” version of Alley looked incredibly freakish.  Her clothing appears to be falling off and her limbs look like they could break any minute.  And she’s animated – she didn’t have to look frail.  Yet I honestly think that the “fat” version of Kirstie Alley in this commercial is considerably more attractive than the “thin” version.  She’s got nice curves, her clothes flatter her, she’s big, but not crazy-unhealthy-all-over-the-place fat.  And her face isn’t pointy.  She looks good.

I’m not sure what’s with the businessman and the fireman, but I assume they are supposed to somehow suggest that this program is for anyone, not just famous people like Alley.  I found the static people on the stairs behind them to be odd (especially the little old woman holding yet another bottle of the magic pink drink).

So what is with the pink drink?  No idea.  None of the products in the program look like that pink juice bottle.  Nor does the program seem to involve lots and lots of chugging magic potions.  It does involve a bunch of products that sound an awful lot like magic potions and have not been evaluated by the FDA, so I have no idea how effective they actually are (probably about as effective as most weight loss programs – as effective as the effort you put into them makes them).

This all means that I don’t think that this ad is actually very good.  It doesn’t show what it’s selling in any way that makes sense, it suggests magic and totally unrealistic results and the animation actually shows us an attractive woman becoming a scary, pointy lady who reminded me of a someone who kind of reminded me of a witch with her pointy chin and scary stick limbs.  This is not a good way to sell something.  And worse, it reinforces the idea that women should be the kind of unhealthy thin that you can really only achieve through eating disorders like anorexia.  Not a good message.


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