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Cottonelle: Toilet Paper News

Posted by Rosepixie on April 29, 2010

Cottonelle recently came out with this commercial which mimics a television news story.

I found this ad odd.  It’s clearly supposed to be funny in its absurdity, but when local news channels actually do run stories this pointless (and worse) all the time, it’s hard to really just laugh at it.  It also feels a bit disjointed – because they needed to get the plug for the product in, they sort of abandoned the news story partway through, which makes it feel even more pointless.

I think that they were on the right track with the debate idea – if you ask people a question like that or start a discussion about it, people actually will think about it and start to express preferences.  And that might get them to think about their product preferences and remember your name the next time they shop.  Unfortunately, this didn’t talk much about the survey they did or how they responded to it.  They appear to have actually done something to either the product or packaging in response to this survey and that didn’t get talked about here at all!

I think this ad was a wasted opportunity and I found it annoying and disappointing.  Hopefully Cottonelle will manage to do something more interesting than this with the marketing around their new product and the results of their survey.


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