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Pepsi Max: It’s Still Rape, Guys

Posted by Rosepixie on April 25, 2010

This is a recent commercial for Pepsi Max.

I can’t even tell you how much this ad disgusts me or how absolutely horrified I am that it was considered a good idea by the company.  I have no idea what could have POSSIBLY told them that this commercial was ok, because it’s really, really not.

This ad portrays a group of guys setting up an elaborate ruse to deceive a woman for the express purpose of one of them having sex with her.  Compelling someone to have sex against their will is rape.  I’m not even going to argue that point (and this is one of those posts were I will carefully screen all comments, since rape is a very sensitive subject and some people just plain don’t get, especially on the internet).  We live in a rape culture – the media all around us tells us that women’s bodies are for the taking and that if a man’s not “getting any”, it’s because a woman is withholding it from him.  This encourages and gives something of a free pass to men’s attempts to coerce women into “putting out”.  And women give in because they’re told they should.

To create a commercial that shows guys tricking a woman who has explicitly said “no” like this and then dancing about their success at the end is to glorify rape.  I really can’t find any other way of reading this one.  I’ve tried.  No means no and if you then trick her into it, it just makes you an asshole.  Pepsi, you totally fail this one.  I hope it comes back to bite you.


4 Responses to “Pepsi Max: It’s Still Rape, Guys”

  1. Eva said

    A very good post. May I offer one small addition?

    “No means no and if you then trick her into it, it just makes you an asshole and guilty of a crime.”

  2. Deborah said

    Sorry, but I disagree. Yes, the young woman in the ad was deceived as to the “end of the world” ruse…but she was NOT forced, nor compelled to have sex with the guy. She made that choice. It was consensual sex. I’m more offended that the ad implies that when she only had ten minutes to live, the young woman’s mind would be on sex with a total stranger, not human comfort, not finding or calling her family or friends, not reaching out to God.

    Let’s not cloud the issue. Stupid, offensive ad?… yes…rape?…NO!

    • Eva said

      Lying to someone to get their consent when they otherwise would not have given it? That is rape. As Rosepixie put it, he set up an elaborate ruse solely to convince her to have sex with him. It doesn’t matter if she said yes after that, she was not in full possession of the facts about what was going on in the world any longer (and to an extent that is pretty stupid).

      The ad makes it very clear that the LIE that they told her is the REASON that she said yes (she already said NO and was very clearly not interested), which means it is rape. There is no gray area here.

  3. Dreaddog said

    Ye its Rape, just as bad a drugging someone to get your way, and it totally implied he bedded her even if you don’t see it.

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