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CoverGirl: Cool Tools

Posted by Rosepixie on April 21, 2010

This is a recent ad for CoverGirl makeup starring Drew Barrymore.

I’m pretty sure this ad is trying to say that CoverGirl makeup is inexpensive but doesn’t look like it, and thus is a good deal while the economy is bad.  Because even if you’re having to cut back on your expenses, makeup clearly isn’t something to skimp on.  The problem is that it’s not very clear about that and the incredibly 1980s-ish outfit just made me laugh.

I also felt like the marketing people behind this ad were trying to sound hip with phrases like “cool tools” and “lash blast”, but they don’t actually sound that hip.  They sound kind of silly, actually, which doesn’t really go with the “expensive makeup line that doesn’t cost a lot” message.  It sort of goes with a makeup line that’s cheap, which I’m pretty sure isn’t what they want viewers to take away from the ad.

So I think this ad really didn’t work.  The marketing people are likely right about makeup being something people spend less on when the economy isn’t so good, but I’m not sure that this was the right way to respond.  What do you think?


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