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Candie’s Foundation: Celebrities on Teen Pregnancy

Posted by Rosepixie on April 17, 2010

The Candie’s Foundation is an organization that produces shiny advocacy ads aimed at convincing teen girls that they don’t want to be pregnant.  They do this most often by pairing celebrities that teens recognize and like with more or less random statements about how having a baby as a teenager would not be fun.  A few examples of their ads:

What do Ciara, Fall Out Boy and Hilary Duff have to do with babies? Your guess is as good as mine.  But it seems that they’ve finally gotten a “celebrity” who actually is a teen mom – Bristol Palin.  Now, she doesn’t exactly make being a teen mom look miserable, but at least she can tell you why:

The ad is right, it’s the girls who aren’t rich and famous who really have a hard time when they get pregnant young.  The problem is that the girl in the ad doesn’t have that problem – she is rich and famous.  And the people in the other ads aren’t even teen moms.  They may be famous faces that get attention, but they seem kind of out of place in the ads!

If Candie’s wanted to use faces girls would recognize but made sense, why not try Ellen Page, who at least played at pregnant teenager?  Or the girls from the popular reality shows about teen pregnancy who actually are pregnant teenagers?  Or better yet, why not give up the famous faces idea and use real teen moms who have real stories to tell?

While I can appreciate what this campaign is trying it do, it feels disingenuous to me.  The pieces of the ads don’t fit together and that makes me wonder how actually committed to the message they are, or if they just want to make sure people notice the ads.  They could make ads that are just as pretty and glossy with regular girls as they can with photos of celebrities.  And they might find that they would be more effective that way.


2 Responses to “Candie’s Foundation: Celebrities on Teen Pregnancy”

  1. Rob said

    Bristol Palin is very poor advocate for this origination, you got taken,

    Anyone that takes what Bristol Palin says is in denial of the real issue.

    Bristol has no clue to the word absentine, If she is six months along once again then who are the daddys . Levi and the world we want the truth

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