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Vintage Friday: Edison Mazda Lamps

Posted by Rosepixie on April 16, 2010

This is a page from an advertising calendar selling Edison Mazda Lamps.  It’s from 1919.

Isn’t this image just beautiful?  I love how she almost looks like the light bulb in the little circle at the bottom.  The colors and shape are similar.  I have no idea if this woman had some special significance for the company or anything, but she is lovely and seems to glow in the night, almost like a lamp glows in the darkness.

The image doesn’t scream “buy our products”, but it does radiate warmth and light, which presumably is what the company wanted to associate with their products.  I kind of wish ads were still this beautiful, but it’s rare these days.  I’d totally buy their lamps based on this ad, though.

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