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JetBlue: Now without Seat Monsters

Posted by Rosepixie on April 15, 2010

This is an animated commercial for JetBlue Airlines.

I don’t find this commercial’s claims about how much space you get in a JetBlue seat remotely believable because I’ve never seen any airplane were a tall, lanky guy got enough space so that if he wanted to stretch his legs out straight ahead of him he would be able to without kicking the seat in front of him.  Still, the seat monster from the other airline is funny and, given how much some of my taller friends dread airplanes, actually doesn’t feel that impossible.

I did find myself wondering if the seat monster that kidnapped the guy in the commercial was nice enough to grab his bags along with his laptop.

The ad is cute and definitely makes their point well, even if it isn’t completely believable as presented.  Since the seat monster seems to be working for JetBlue, however, I have to wonder how trustworthy they really are.  Would you fly with an airline that’s willing to send a seat monster to kidnap passengers from other airlines?  I’m not sure I would.  It’s a good thing seat monsters don’t really exist.  Or maybe they do and I’m just not on their list of people to gobble up, since I usually have enough space in airline seats.


2 Responses to “JetBlue: Now without Seat Monsters”

  1. Ben said

    “…stretch his legs out straight ahead of him…”

    Hah! I just want to be able to sit without my knees being jammed into the seat in front of me. It might be nice to have a head rest above my shoulders too.

    I saw an ad at an airport for some airline whose name I forget offering extra legroom for some fee or other. I don’t recall how much (and it probably varies by flight length), but it might be totally worth it.

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