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Movie Monday: Kick Ass

Posted by Rosepixie on April 12, 2010

For the most part, I find that most movies have pretty boring posters.  You’d think that there would be a million ways to create a movie poster, but either there aren’t or the people who design them just aren’t that creative most of the time because they tend to end up being pretty predictable.  Each style of movie has a pretty predicable style of poster and nearly all movies of that style that come out these days have posters in that style (i.e. romantic comedy – a poster showing the male and female leads in a charming pairing where they appear to hate each other, action – the male lead posing in an action pose while the female lead, villain and sidekick or other important non-male-lead characters pose behind him and things around him blow up/fall apart/generally look dangerous and exciting).

Sometimes, however, I come across interesting and creative movie posters.  The kinds of posters that get me excited because the graphic designers did something fun and different.  It’s actually possible for a creative poster to make me want to see a movie that I otherwise had absolutely no interest in, if for no other reason than to support the creation of more creative posters.

Kick Ass is a movie that falls into this category.  It holds very little appeal for me as a movie (the humor just doesn’t really appeal to me, and the humor seems to be it’s major selling point).  And then I found these posters and now I want to see the movie just because they are awesome.

I love these posters! They are such fun reinterpretations of familiar vintage propaganda posters. If I saw movie posters do this all the time it would get really old really fast, but I haven’t really seen any official posters like this before (unofficial fan ones, sure, but those tend to be far more interesting anyway), so it’s fresh and interesting. This has the added benefit of making me wonder if the particular posters chosen for each character have any meaning or if they were purely chosen for being famous, which gives me a reason to want to see the movie.

This is a great set of posters.  I really wish that I saw more movie posters that broke the pattern like this!


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