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FCINO: Sheep

Posted by Rosepixie on March 30, 2010

This is a political ad paid for by Carly Fiorina, a businesswoman running for one of California’s Senate seats, attacking Tom Campbell.

This ad doesn’t actually make a whole lot of sense.  I mean, the voice over makes a certain amount of sense (although it definitely assumes that you already agree with it’s position), but the imagery is totally off the wall.  I have no idea where the sheep thing came from, since sheep aren’t really known for their fiscal conservatism as far as I know and no other reason for using the image was given or even really implied.  The weird flashing image changes throughout the middle worked more as a distraction, making it hard to focus on what was being said, than anything else.  They weren’t helpful at all.

The voice over at the beginning also left a lot to be desired.  It really didn’t make a whole lot of sense.  I thought I was watching an ad for something religious (and not in a good way – in a crazy cultish sort of way), not something to do with budgets.  Once it got into it’s message, it made a little more sense, but near the end it started to wander and get really confusing again.  Whoever wrote the script for this ad was clearly a fanatic about the topic, but also clearly not a great communicator.

Here’s the real problem: the ad didn’t tell me what I was supposed to be voting for.  And after not giving me something solid to remember to vote for (assuming I agreed with it), it was confusing and not very clearly memorable.  A few minutes after watching it all I remember is that the ad said Tom Campbell was bad with money… somehow?  And something about evil sheep.  That’s not a great advertising move.  I’d totally forgotten the stuff about the budget and taxes and everything within a few minutes.  I remembered the demon sheep, but I had no idea what it had to do with anything.  Nothing was well connected and too many pieces of information were presented in weird scatter-shot ways.  That’s not a great way to bring attention to your cause.  It’s a good way to get me to remember the other guy’s name.  And on voting day, if I can remember his name and not yours, chances are I’m going to vote for him unless I *really* hate him.


One Response to “FCINO: Sheep”

  1. Patricia said

    By the end of this commercial, all I could think about was how stupid it was.
    It called his name so many times and not one time does it say hers.
    It shows at the end who paid for the ad. If I donated to her running for office, I would be outraged.
    This is advertising at it’s worst!

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