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Fat Ass: So Many Issues…

Posted by Rosepixie on March 21, 2010

This is an ad for Fat Ass Tequila and was found in a magazine.

The text reads:

Sexy, Nice Body, Delicious and Smooth…

And the model isn’t too shabby either…

Fat Ass Tequila

Can anybody guess what I noticed first about this ad?  It’s a model of color!  In this case, I’m not sure that’s so complimentary, though.  This ad is really pretty mean to the model and she was clearly chosen pretty much exclusively so they could show off how nice and round her butt is.  And stereotypes say that women of color have bigger and better butts than white women, so OF COURSE the model is a model of color!

I understand that the name of this product makes this kind of ad really easy, but is it really necessary to actually pick on the model?  Can’t they sell their product on the basis of fat asses being a good thing, being attractive and something desirable?  Make the model look hot and celebrate how hot she is as she drinks your tequila.

Oh, and is it just me or does the bottle look really Photoshopped in to this picture?


2 Responses to “Fat Ass: So Many Issues…”

  1. Eva said

    I’m pretty sure both the bottle and her butt are photoshopped. I mean, I expect she has a larger than average butt, but I’m seeing what looks like some cloning in the middle there and I don’t entirely believe the shadow under her arm. She is a very pretty woman and I find it very sad that they’re treating her so much like a disposable joke.

  2. jeff said

    If you did some research you would see that in other ads they used white models with a body just like the one in your post. White girls can and do have just as good of bodies as women of color…i think the ad is great bc sex sells these days and they got us talking about Fat Ass Tequila so the ad did what it was suppose too, create s buzz about the product..thank for your post..


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