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Reebok EasyTone Shoes: It’s All About the Butt

Posted by Rosepixie on March 20, 2010

These are three ads for Reebok EasyTone shoes.  It’s pretty obvious what the advertisers considered the main selling point of these shoes.

Not only does the camera tells us what we should focus on, but the way she emphasizes words and phrases things does too.  And clearly wardrobe was informed of the point of this commercial before they chose her outfit.

Um… who decided that the best way to advertise shoes that tone your body as you walk was to show a body writhing on a bed?  Because that’s just weird.  Ooh!  And we get bonus made-up statistics in this one!

Ah.  So now we get to the core of the message.  Women are just boobs and butts.  Clearly we need to be constantly worrying about those two attributes (I mean, the rest doesn’t really matter, right?).  I’m glad that there’s advertisers who are considerate enough to tell me that I’m just T&A and the rest is irrelevant.  Oh, and my T&A aren’t good enough either, so clearly I need these shoes to help tone my butt.  And apparently I’m just screwed when it comes to my boobs.

Sorry, Reebok, but women are more than just walking T&A and telling us that we are simply that (and not good enough at it to boot), is not a good idea.  This is how we’ve gotten to the messed up situation we’re in where three year olds think they need boyfriends and six year olds wear miniskirts, because even our shoes tells us that we’re just eye candy for boys.


One Response to “Reebok EasyTone Shoes: It’s All About the Butt”

  1. Eva said

    Watching the first ad mostly made me think, “wow, someone needs to fire the camera-person… and possibly slap them with a sexual harassment lawsuit.” *sigh*

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