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Moxie Girlz: I Am… Fill in the Blank

Posted by Rosepixie on March 18, 2010

I looked once before at a Moxie Girlz commercial.  Today I’ve got another one to talk about.  This commercial is specifically for the “I Am…” line of Moxie Girlz dolls.

First of all, “I am love” really doesn’t work.  It also doesn’t follow in the sequence.  Remember the “which of these things is not like the others” game?  This ad reminds me of that.  We’ve got three phrases: “I am smart”, “I am strong” and “I am love”.  The first two are [personal pronoun-transitive verb-adjective] while the third is [personal pronoun-transitive verb-noun].  Now, you can have a sentence that flows with the pattern of that third one such as “I am cheese”.  Not all nouns can stand alone without a preposition before it, such as “I am a dog”  Lastly, some nouns are more like concepts, which again breaks the pattern, since the first two items (“smart” and “strong”) are not concepts at all, such as “love” (or “violence” or “wisdom” or “strength”).

So I can see two ways they could have fixed this problem.  The first is to come up with something better, an actual quality that can be described with an adjective, for the third girl to be (“I am creative”, “I am curious”, “I am artistic”, “I am fast”).  The second way would be to use concept descriptors for the qualities of all of the girls (“I am intelligence”, “I am strength”, I am love”).  I still think “love” is a weird thing to have chosen for the third girl, but at least it wouldn’t sound as weird.

I guess part of me feels like this is a very limiting line.  Is each of these girls only this one quality?  Because I’d like to think that I’m smart and strong and loving/loved/lovable.  And I think that’s a good thing for a girl to want – diversity in her identity.

I also have to ask – what’s with the Japanese Fisher Price people?  Is there a point to them?

And I notice that poor Bria, the one black girl, didn’t get to be in this ad campaign either.  She doesn’t even seem to have a doll in this line.  In fact, she only seems to have a basic doll, a “Jammez” doll and a hair-styling torso doll, unlike the other girls who are each in at least seven different lines.  How fair is that?  Does that mean that only white and almost-white (Sophina is tiny shade browner than the other two) girls get to have “moxie”?  Or just that the company behind this line (MGA Entertainments) doesn’t really care about identifying with or getting the business of black customers?  Personally, I’d be pretty upset if I were Bria.  Apparently she doesn’t get to “be” anything.  Or show that there’s “more to her” or anything else.  And her basic doll’s outfit is the same as Sophina’s, so they kind of cheated on that one anyway.


One Response to “Moxie Girlz: I Am… Fill in the Blank”

  1. Eva said

    Oh my. So the two white girls have traditional virtues, Sophina gets to be the “sexy” Latina chick, and they totally cut Bria out? I am so not cool with this set of dolls. I was really hoping they would turn out to be a little bit… I don’t know, better, I guess. It’s not like having a dark skinned doll visible is somehow going to drive customers away. Whether or not she sells well, we are really not _that_ shallow.

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