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Dodge Charger: Because I Put Up With You…

Posted by Rosepixie on March 14, 2010

This is the Dodge Charger commercial that was aired during the Super Bowl this year.

This particular ad kind of got to me.  The things the men list (with their artfully dead faces) all sound little, but they’re presented as basically dictating every moment of the day.  From the moment they wake up, through going to work and then returning home again to start it all over, their days are dictated the inane and soul-crushing stupid little things that are implicitly imposed upon them by women (who else makes you clean out the sink and put the seat down?).  But is it really a woman’s fault that they have to sit through meetings?  Or shave?

And I guess I just resent the idea that women are so nagging and dictating that the only escape could be a car on the open road.  A car which the men get to make the decision about buying alone because cars are for men and they put up with and go alone with all the namby-pamby women shit all the time, so no one has the right to question that (again, implying that the person who would question it would be a woman).

It’s just so sexist and unnecessarily vicious.  I kind of felt like saying “guys, the solution isn’t a car, the solution is to grow a fucking spine about some things and to stop blaming the women in your lives for things that AREN’T THEIR FAULT.”


One Response to “Dodge Charger: Because I Put Up With You…”

  1. Eva said

    The majority of cars are bought by women (at least they are part of the decision). The automotive industry likes selling fantasies and they are getting rather outrageous. When there are multiple car commercials out there parodying other car commercials it seems like we might be getting into silly territory.

    Commercials like this one are more insidious though. There is a subset of the population who can’t take responsibility for their own actions. This subset contains both males and females of all ages, but this ad is playing to the men in there and it’s sending them a nasty message. “It’s not your fault. Nothing is. And we can fix it. Give us money.” You know what’s easier than admitting you have made mistakes and have control of how you live your life in the future? Blaming someone else and spending money!

    It’s a nasty cycle, a terrible basis for relationships, and a huge waste of resources.

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