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Old Spice: Be a Romantic Millionaire Jet Fighter Pilot

Posted by Rosepixie on March 10, 2010

Old Spice recently came out with a new commercial.  It’s well worth watching.

Normally I’m not a big fan of ads that try to sell products to people through someone else (95% of diamond ads, for example, which try to sell diamonds to men by telling women to get men to buy them).  This one works, though, because it gets both parties to laugh.  It’s so transparent about the outlandish claims it’s making (transparent enough that they’re admitting it) that it’s hard not to just be amused.  The campaign has also included amusing gems like this Facebook ad poll:

Again, this is so transparently silly that it’s funny and charming.  Nobody really thinks that Old Spice is made of punching, grenade explosions and football touchdowns, but that’s the kind of thing a lot of ads try to tell us, isn’t it?  And an ad that’s promising outlandish things in such a way that it isn’t really expecting you to believe it is a lot more appealing than many of the ads that promise outlandish things in ways that seem to be serious.  I mean, the fact is that just putting on cologne isn’t likely to be enough to get you into a three way with two hot women or to compel a woman to jump you against her will?  It’s not likely.  But ads promise such things all the time (just browse through the previous entries under “Beauty” on this blog for numerous examples).  But the tongue-in-cheek element in this Old Spice ad makes it appealing.  It’s so over the top that we know the people who made it realize how outlandish a claim it is.  So it’s fun and entertaining, and pokes fun at the other ads at the same time.  All of which works in Old Spice’s favor.

I enjoyed this ad and find it something of a breath of fresh air compared to most of the beauty product ads I come across.  What do you think of it?

2 Responses to “Old Spice: Be a Romantic Millionaire Jet Fighter Pilot”

  1. Brian said

    The making of Old Spice’s commercial: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.

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