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Movie Monday: Alice in Wonderland

Posted by Rosepixie on March 8, 2010

I’ve already looked at several posters for the new movie version of Alice in Wonderland, so now I wanted to look at some of the trailers.

These are two very different trailers for this movie.  The first makes it seem to be very like the original book (albeit with some very queer additions and some parts pulled from the sequel, Through the Looking Glass, but that isn’t uncommon).

I actually wonder, from seeing these trailers, if the scene of with her in the very pale blue little-girl length dress falling down the rabbit hole is actually showing us her original journey (a flashback, perhaps?).  The second trailer makes it clear this is a second trip to Wonderland and implies that Alice is older, so the little-girl length dress would seem inappropriate if she’s grown up.  And if she’s returning, why does she go through the whole growing/shrinking/being confused thing that she clearly is with the bottle and the key and the table again?  Didn’t she learn the first time how it works?  If she didn’t, that doesn’t bode well for my opinion of Alice. [update: I’ve seen some screen shots that suggest that she is, indeed, grown-up while wearing this dress, so I have no idea why it is shorter than I would expect (every other woman in the scene appears in long gowns) or why she’s doing the bottle/key thing again.  *sigh*]

The second trailer gives us a much better idea of what this movie is actually about.  It describes the political state of affairs in Wonderland and why they need (or think they need) Alice.  Personally, I think that makes the second trailer much better.  While the first trailer fells more like Alice in Wonderland, it also feels deceptive.  I wouldn’t want to go into this movie expecting the story I know and find that it’s something completely different.  I know that the people who made the trailer probably liked the idea that some people might come expecting a retelling of the story who otherwise wouldn’t be interested in a “sequel” of sorts, but I still think it’s a bad idea.  It seems more likely to generate ill-will than to help.

What do you think?  Do you want the trailer to give you some idea of what you’re going to see or is it ok if it’s kind of deceptive just to get people to buy tickets?


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