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Vintage Friday: Spring Curtains

Posted by Rosepixie on March 5, 2010

This is an ad for new curtains and a matching bedspread from a 1934 catalog.

These curtains certainly do feel like spring with all the flowers and pastel colors.  I’m not sure how widely appealing they are, though.  And the bedspread is more what I would think of for a child’s room now than for an adults, but this ad does not seem to be suggesting that it’s intended for a child’s room at all (in fact, the size of the bed would suggest that it’s intended for a couple’s room).

But the theming is great and they’ve certainly tapped into the idea of wanting to spruce everything up and make everything new for spring.  “Refreshing as the new season!”, “a gay spread… and drapes to match”, and “It’s Springtime… new curtain time!”  They are great phrases to get shoppers excited about the idea of fresh, happy new things for a fresh, beautiful new season.

While I don’t think I’d buy any of these curtains, I think the ad is great.  It’s well laid out and the text works perfectly to convey the excitement of buying new things.  This was also one of the few pages in color in the catalog, which means even more attention was drawn to these curtains!  I wonder how well they actually sold?


2 Responses to “Vintage Friday: Spring Curtains”

  1. Eva said

    I’ve seen a room decorated with a similar bedspread and curtains (the pink/flowered ones). I was at an estate sale. The room had pale pink walls, dark burgundy plush carpet, a 1920’s era electric sewing machine in a wooden cabinet, and several framed Victorian fashion plates on the walls. Based on the clothing in the closet, I think it was only a lady’s room despite containing a full sized bed.

    Possibly the couple was like my grandparents and had separate rooms in their later years, or maybe the folks running the sale had moved everything around. Either way, it was a lot of pink. I’m not sure I could survive that much pink.

    • Rosepixie said

      Yeah, the first thing I thought when I saw that set (the pink curtains and bedspread) was that Michael’s grandmother would have loved them. She had her entire house painted pink and bought all new curtains, carpets and towels and everything – all in pink – in her later years. And she lived with her son, who is now working on repainting everything since her death because he’s going crazy in all the pink. But he put up with it while she was alive because she had never decorated the way she wanted (always with her husband and sons in mind) and in her old age kind of went crazy making over the house like her own personal dollhouse. And it made her happy, even it if is a little nauseating to everyone else!

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