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Hillshire Farms: Pony!

Posted by Rosepixie on March 4, 2010

This is a commercial for Hillshire Farms deli meat.

I really like this commercial.  It has the typical things kids like to trade their lunches for (cookies, pudding and candy are generally considered better than lunch meat sandwiches in the school lunchroom trading game), but then it’s got the pony at the end.  And really, if you were offered a pony for your sandwich, wouldn’t you trade it?  I find this extra amusing since several of my friends are always asking for ponies from waiters.

As an advertisement it works because it’s fun and keeps your attention, but also cleverly conveys the idea that the sandwich (and thus the lunch meat it’s made of) is worth all the great stuff being offered for it.  It is also nice that it’s kids doing the trading because not only is it a situation a lot of people recognize (trading at lunch is something many people remember doing), but it suggests that this is a product even kids like.  And yet the ad doesn’t feel aimed at kids or parents particularly, so it’s not too focused.  It does a great job staying on message, being entertaining and being relevant for a wide audience.


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