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Rocawear 9: Spray Your Clothes

Posted by Rosepixie on February 24, 2010

This is an ad for Rocawear 9 cologne for men and came from a magazine.

This ad gets points for being different from 99% of the cologne ads I see.  It does NOT involve a good-looking guy with a sexy girl (or two or three) draping themselves all over him.  This time it’s a sexy girl (see the sexy underwear?) draping herself all over a guy’s shirt.

Although this ad makes the same basic promise most cologne ads make (girls will find you attractive), this one does it in a slightly different way that I think makes it resonate a little better.  This one points out that a distinctive scent (like the one you would have if you wear the same cologne all the time), makes us think of the person who smells that way.  So if you have such a scent and leave it behind (say, on a piece of clothing), whenever the person who has that scent memory of you smells the piece of clothing, they will think of you.  It’s a way to make yourself memorable.  And being memorable is a little more than just being attractive.

As much as I hate the unnecessary girl in lingerie approach to advertising, I think that this ad really works.  It’s promise is actually well founded and not creepy – being missed is what you want when you’re in a relationship, not what you want when you’re just looking to attract one-night-stands.  What do you think?


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