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Cheer: Next Time On…

Posted by Rosepixie on February 18, 2010

This is a recent commercial for Cheer, a laundry detergent.

I like that Cheer is trying something different with this ad.  It’s kind of fun.  The doctor holding up the bottle of detergent is a little weird, but the whole thing is over-the-top cheesy that it really doesn’t feel that odd!  I know that a lot of companies that do “story” ads like this one have lately been doing series of them, but I kind of hope that Cheer doesn’t continue this story.  If this ad is part of a series, I hope that it’s a series of completely different stories (different actors, storylines and settings for each one) in the same soap-opera style.  I like that the ad shows what the product is and what it does in a fun way, though.  This is a different and entertaining ad.


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