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Movie Monday: She’s Out of My League

Posted by Rosepixie on February 15, 2010

This is a poster for the upcoming movie She’s Out of My League.

I have trouble looking at this poster. I’m pretty sure they did some weird editing on the guy’s face and I’m not sure why. Maybe just to make him look less attractive?  He doesn’t look that weird in other photos.  There are strange flattened out places on his face in this image that I just can’t get past.  It’s too weird.

The thing is, while this may have been well intentioned (to reinforce that he’s a “5”), mostly what it does is tell me that I don’t want to see the movie.  If he looks like that and I’m having trouble just looking at him in a picture, image how annoying it would be to watch him for two hours in a movie?  It would be awful!  Now, I’m betting he doesn’t look like this.  And the problems with looking at him have nothing to do with attractiveness.  I don’t have problems looking at people who aren’t conventionally attractive, but the way they altered his face makes it weird to look at.  People don’t look Photoshopped like that.  They just don’t.

3 Responses to “Movie Monday: She’s Out of My League”

  1. Eva said

    My guess is that they moved his eyebrows up to make him look more surprised. The problem is that his eyes don’t look like he’s stretching his eybrows and eyes are one of the things we pay the most attention to when we evaluate an expression. It leaves his eyes sort of floating halfway up his face in a confused state with semi-disconnected eyebrows in what looks like a “wrong” place. Welcome to the uncanny valley, population him.

    I’ve seen worse movie posters, but that one is pretty messed up. It definitely deserves the title of photoshop disaster.

  2. Titus said

    His eyes are what disturb me. His pupils are kinda strange looking. Like he’s a lizard monster or alien, probably from the editing. But why must he make that face? It’s all stretched out and big.

    • Eva said

      You’re probably seeing the reflection of the lights the photographer used. It’s sloppy, but not all that uncommon.

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