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Vintage Friday: ICI Fibres

Posted by Rosepixie on February 12, 2010

This is a commercial from the 1970s for ICI Fibres men’s fashions.

This commercial makes me laugh.  It’s so trippy!  I feel like I’m watching an ad executive’s idea of a Dali painting!  The problem is that it really doesn’t do that much to get me interested in the actual clothes.  Mostly I enjoyed watching it as a weird art film.  I appreciate that it tries to show how easy it is to move in the clothing when the voice over is talking about that, but I couldn’t help but notice that when the voice is gushing about how many great colors the shirts come in, we’re seeing pretty boring, muted colors on the screen.  So while I think this was a fun idea and certainly an amusing ad to watch, I have to wonder how effective it actually was at selling clothing.


One Response to “Vintage Friday: ICI Fibres”

  1. Eva said

    How to dress in ICI Fibres: take acid first? 😛

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