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Movie Monday: The Karate Kid

Posted by Rosepixie on February 8, 2010

There is a new Karate Kid movie coming out (don’t ask me) and some friends of mine sent me a link to the trailer.

This looks very much like the previous (four?) Karate Kid movies.  Kid is getting picked on, kid meets jedi master, jedi master says “to not get picked on, you need to be a better fighter than them”, kid becomes a master at karate.  Since we’ve already done the story where the kid was a girl, it’s apparently time for the twist to be that the kid is black!  Because that makes it all new, right?

So, besides the fact that this trailer seemed to go to painful ends to assure us that this movie will be just like the previous Karate Kid movies, there were something else about it that bothered me.  It’s practically falling over from the weight of all the racial and cultural stereotypes packed into those two minutes!

– single black mother clearly struggling to raise her kid without enough money in a new place? Check!

– meek little Asian girl who plays a classical instrument? Check!

– black kid with a big attitude? Check!

– weird Asian master who eats creepy gross things? Check!

– lessons in Asian martial arts that seem largely to be made up of annoying the student until they miraculously excel at it? Check!

And I’m sure I missed some.  I can only hope that this is more the fault of the arrangement and choices of clips made by the advertisers behind this trailer than that the film itself is actually this bad, because if it is, I doubt I could make it through it!

Regardless, this trailer was so “typical” as to be basically forgettable, which means it doesn’t really do a great job of selling the movie.  Unless you’re such a die-hard fan of The Karate Kid that just hearing the name convinced you that you wanted to see this, my guess is that the trailer isn’t likely to do much for you.


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