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Movie Monday: Sherlock Holmes

Posted by Rosepixie on February 1, 2010

In looking at the character posters for Alice in Wonderland a few weeks ago, I came across the character posters for Sherlock Holmes.

I like this set much better than the character posters for Alice in Wonderland.  They look much more like a set that goes together and, even better, each one has a single line relating to the character.  A tagline of sorts.  This adds some personality beyond just what we can see in the image alone.  It makes the posters more interesting and engaging.  It brings them into the story and makes them more than just boring portraits.

There are a few posters for this movie that aren’t part of this portrait series as well, but my favorite is this one:

I like it because not only does it feel sort of like a book cover to me (perfect for Sherlock Holmes), but it also feels like the cover of a board game. Holmes and Watson’s cases are always sort of like elaborate games with clues and pieces and everything fitting together just so at the end, so the image of a board game works really well.  I also love wondering what all the extra little background images refer to, since with Sherlock Holmes everything is important – nothing is random.  It creates more interest in the movie than just an image of an actor in costume.


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