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Minute Maid: Boosting Yet Again

Posted by Rosepixie on January 31, 2010

So, the very strange “someone forgot to boost” Minute Maid ads aren’t just print ads, they’re also commercials!

Um… ok… so that was kind of uncomfortable, actually.  See, that doesn’t make me laugh.  That makes me go “wow, what a jerk.”  And no matter how miraculous that smart-making powers of your juice might be, I don’t see it making him any less of a jerk.

The main point is, this certainly doesn’t make me want to buy your juice.  I makes me want to stay as far away from the people who made this ad as possible.  Especially when taken with the first ad for this campaign that I talked about which showed a guy hurting himself and two people looking at him like he was an idiot and, notably, not helping him.  Sorry, but no.


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