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Movie Monday: Swing Vote

Posted by Rosepixie on January 25, 2010

So this movie, Swing Vote, came out about a year and a half ago, but the trailer was interesting, so I decided to feature it.

Obviously, this was a very timely movie in 2008, when it came out.  I haven’t seen it.  But I did find the trailer really interesting.  It focuses more on the characters than on the plot itself, which works really well, since it gets viewers engaged without giving away too much of the movie.

So what does it show us about the characters?  Well, clearly we have an “everyman” American who is going to be singlehandedly choosing the next president, his kind of geeky daughter, and a couple of questionably moral presidential candidates.  Since most of us aren’t running for president and the advertisers probably don’t care about kids or what they think, they likely want us to focus on the “everyman” character.  What if this guy was choosing our president for us?

Well, they seem to have deliberately chosen scenes where he’s as brash and crass as possible, probably to distance him from the polished politicians.  We see him doing “manly” things and there are almost no female characters except for the daughter in sight.

I’m fairly certain that the election system in the U.S. wouldn’t allow this to happen.  The electoral college system just doesn’t work so that the entire country could really come down to one vote.  Does every vote count?  Yes.  Could one vote really tip the balance for the whole country, though?  Not really.

But the ad shows an interesting view of what Hollywood thinks of “real” Americans, doesn’t it?  It also says some interesting things about what Hollywood thinks (or maybe what they think that most people think) of the well-to-do and well educated men who run for president.


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