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Visa: Go World

Posted by Rosepixie on January 21, 2010

Visa has been one of the major sponsors of the Olympic Games for years, so every time the Olympics roll around, there are a bunch of Olympic-themed ads for Visa.  These are some of the current ones.

This one is my favorite:

I think they are all pretty good ads.  I like that they evoke the togetherness that the Olympics is supposed to foster and I like that two of them remember great moments in past Winter Olympics.  They show a sense of history and a sense of the importance of the occasion.  The Olympics is one of those events that may mostly just be exciting television to some of us, but actually does and has meant a lot more than that.  For those athletes, it can change their lives.  In the past (and probably the future), it has been a point of contention and a point of peace-making for countries.

Do I think that Visa has anything to do with all of that?  No.  But I think that it’s smart of them to realize that and tap into it with both their commercials that evoke athletes striving for perfection in their chosen discipline and the long, storied past of the event itself and with their slogan itself, “Go World”.  It acknowledges that the Olympics are bigger than one country and bigger than just their service – it’s something that actually has the power to bring the world together for a few days.  Maybe it was entirely a commercial choice to play on those images and ideas, but it works and it was a smart decision to do so.


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