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Lime-A-Way: Lying About Injuries

Posted by Rosepixie on January 19, 2010

This is an ad that I actually saw on television a few times for Lime-A-Way.  It has since (supposedly) been completely pulled from the airwaves by the company because of complaints about the ad.

Ok, so I was extremely creeped out by this ad when I first saw it.  What bothered me was that it showed women who were willing to give themselves somewhat serious injuries just to clean stains in their bathrooms and then made it worse by implying it was normal – having the two women meet and acknowledge the real cause of their injuries (since cleaning lime stains was *obviously* the most likely cause of such an injury).  Normalizing such behavior made it incredibly disturbing, when it was already disturbing enough.

The ad was pulled from the airwaves because of another reason, though.  Many people feel that this ad is incredibly insensitive to women who have suffered domestic abuse.  It’s common for women in such situations to lie about their injuries and while television shows may show us images of women with black eyes and bruises, the truth is that often the injuries and scars aren’t visible when they are out in public.  But things like broken arms do happen, and when they do, it’s common to lie about it to avoid embarrassment and to try to avoid further abuse.  The complaint about the ad was that to show a woman like this so obviously lying about her injuries was insensitive to women who really do have to do such a thing.  It was also pointed out that women who feel that they have to clean their houses to the point where they hurt themselves doing so are often in abusive relationships or suffering from compulsions themselves.  Neither is funny or something that should be used as a cute punchline for an ad.

While I didn’t think about the domestic abuse element when I saw the ad on the air, I can totally understand the complaint.  I’m glad that SC Johnson pulled this ad, but I have to wonder what they were thinking when they made it in the first place.  What were we supposed to take from it?


One Response to “Lime-A-Way: Lying About Injuries”

  1. Patricia said

    I have read this ad was pulled, but it was on last night (March 30, 2010).

    I know what it is like to lie about the truth of someone hurting you.
    I divorced my abuser. I speak out to others never to lie for someone that would hurt you.

    I am outraged by this ad!

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