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Samsung N140 Notebook: Super Portable!

Posted by Rosepixie on January 15, 2010

This is a European commercial for the Samsung N140 Notebook.  I found it on YouTube.

I actually really like this commercial, although it strikes me as odd that it shows two people failing to communicate.  While the laptop apparently can’t help them connect, it is obviously really light and easy to use.  The girl in the ad is clearly not a big computer person (you can tell by her typing skills), but she does carry her cute little laptop around everywhere.  By watching her, we see that it’s portable, versatile and (in theory) useful for lots of different things.  Why she needs it in the bathroom as she primps in the morning is a mystery to me, but everywhere else it makes some sense.

So I like this ad.  I think that by showing the laptop being used by someone who clearly isn’t a computer person, that makes it clear that this isn’t necessarily a techy tool – it’s something anybody could use and enjoy.  It’s not the computer’s fault that the girl and her friend failed to connect, after all!


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