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Avon Derma-Full: Almost Like an Injection!

Posted by Rosepixie on January 13, 2010

This is a commercial for Avon Derma-Full and was found on YouTube.

Oooohh… it’s all sciencey…

But apparently it’s not actually as good as an injection (despite the cute graphics showing how the bottle is exactly the same as the syringe).  If you manage to read the tiny print that appears for short bursts along the bottom of the screen it reads “results not comparable to a professional procedure” and “results based on a consumer perception study”.  So… the results aren’t actually as good as the injections you get from a doctor and they can only claim so because they could fool a room full of people.

Well, ok, fooling people is good.  I mean, this is all about looking younger, right?  And actually, it is.  While doctors bill their injections as having health benefits on top of the obvious “making you look younger” benefits, this commercial makes no such claims.  All it says the product does is make skin look fuller and younger.

So while I may not like the cultural shift to value looking younger over valuing things other than appearance, I have to give this ad points for being honest and not claiming it’s product or the goal of looking younger has any real benefit other than vanity.  I do wish that the small print was a little more prominent, but it’s better than some and at least it’s there.

Now if only I could figure out why the beauty industry has decided to sell “youth” with sciencey imagery…


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