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Kia Soul: Weird Surprises

Posted by Rosepixie on January 9, 2010

This might be the only commercial I’ve ever seen for the Kia Soul that didn’t involve hamsters.

So beyond the fact that this commercial tells us absolutely nothing about the car, it’s beyond trippy.  I mean, it goes from a weird landscape full of sideways flames (like car decal flames) and street signs packed too close together to be meaningful to a world full of sun decals and giant stiletto shoes and then (because that wasn’t trippy enough already), we move into a world full of meditating Buddas, birds, gears and skyscrapers.  Um… yeah…

So what is this supposed to be selling again?


One Response to “Kia Soul: Weird Surprises”

  1. Kathleen said

    I think it tells you more about who it’s marketed to: people who like to modify/soup up their (generally cheap) cars.

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