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Google Chrome: Not Gray

Posted by Rosepixie on January 7, 2010

This is an ad for Google Chrome (a web browser) and was seen on Hulu.

It’s very pretty and I like that it doesn’t have a bossy or annoying voiceover.  It’s making an interesting point about the product in question.  On the surface, the color of your web browser is pretty immaterial.  What difference does it make what color the frame around the webpages you go to is?  But implying that Chrome isn’t gray and the competition is means more than just color.

“Gray”, like “pink”, is a loaded color.  Gray is boring.  Gray is how L. Frank Baum describes the crushingly depressing Kansas landscape and everything in it in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.  We all remember that magical moment when Dorothy opens the door to the technicolor world of Oz in the movie version.  Who wants to live in shades of gray?  To say that Chrome (a name which is color based by itself) isn’t gray is to say that it isn’t boring.  It’s to say that it’s dynamic and exciting and has the potential to be anything.

This commercial is subtle, but surprisingly effective.  I really didn’t think a commercial for a web browser could be that interesting, but this one really is.

One Response to “Google Chrome: Not Gray”

  1. Eva said

    It’s interesting that they’re taking this route. I tried to use Chrome when it first came out for Macs and decided that it was not anywhere near mature enough to compete with Firefox (although it was quite a bit faster). If this gets people to move away from IE it will make me happy, but I doubt it will attract higher tech users. (I have a rather long list of thoughts on Chrome’s technical concepts that are also keeping me away but they aren’t really relevant to the advertising.)

    As a side thought, you can skin Firefox to be “not grey” (in the physical sense), although it is rather a pain in the butt.

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