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Movie Monday: Twilight

Posted by Rosepixie on January 4, 2010

This is a poster for Twilight that I’ve seen everywhere.

I think that this poster is perfect.  It scares me.  Which I never expected the movie poster to do, but which I like, since the books terrify me.

Notice how Edward is looming over Bella and holding onto her arm in a creepy controlling way?  Both subtle things, but perfect since the whole story in this first book/movie is about him stalking her and trying to sort of control her life from the outside.

Bella just looks sort of oblivious and maybe a little confused.  My first impression was that she looked vapid, but I don’t think she really does.  I think she looks preoccupied, as if she has her head in the clouds.  She looks like the kind of girl who would walk into a tree because she was daydreaming about something else and not looking where she was going.  Which pretty much sounds like Bella.

So while this appears to be a pretty boring poster at first glance, just two people staring out at you, it’s actually brilliantly composed.  I have to give whoever designed this one a lot of credit – it’s perfect.  It doesn’t make me want to have anything to do with the movie, but that’s primarily because it tells me that the movie is just like the book – which is exactly what a lot of people who will want to see the movie want to hear.  It’s a perfect poster.


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